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The Sompo Express team offers property and casualty coverage on a non-admitted basis, produced by a select number of appointed agents on behalf of Sompo International Insurance. Our experienced underwriters are adept at understanding, handling and supporting complex and challenging accounts. 

This dedicated focus enables us to work with our binding authority agent network to develop programs and provide coverage for unique risks that are traditionally hard to place, often due to the types of operations or their size.

We target small to medium-sized risks exhibiting a low exposure to frequency and moderate exposure to severity including:

  • New entities
  • Contractors (general and trade)
  • Retail stores
  • Lessor's risk
  • Packages
  • Additional niche product lines



Casualty Business
  • In-house limits available up to $2M per occurrence/ $4M aggregate
  • Attachment points will typically be first dollar or over a small deductible (e.g. $2,500 roofing operations)
Property Business
  • We underwrite risks up to a limit of $5M TIV per location, with $1.5M TIV desk binding authority. This capacity is generally utilized on a primary basis.
    • Earthquake/Flood: We do not write earthquake or flood.
    • Wind: In wind-exposed areas, deductibles (typically 1.5% to 7% of TIV, including loss of use) will be used to mitigate exposure and we will generally require brick construction or better

Minimum Premium

  • In most states, minimum policy premium of $500

Policy Forms

  • Generally follow ISO, with additional company-specific exclusions and coverage parts. We provide coverage extensions and/ or limitations on manuscript basis.

Underwriting Capabilities

  • Highly experienced underwriting team, adept at understanding, handling and supporting complex and challenging accounts
  • Limiting appointments to a select number of binding authority agents provides a competitive advantage and promotes long-term relationships
  • Service-oriented team provides agents with prompt claims and coverage responses
  • All rating, quoting, binding, issuance and endorsements are transacted via our state-of-the-art web portal accessible by our appointed agent network

Account Requirements

  • Standard applications and supplements, signed and dated
  • 3 years of currently valued carrier loss runs
  • Complete outline of all operations
  • Timely policy issuance


Tom Sicard
EVP, Interim Head of Sompo Express
Tel. +1 908 376 2416

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