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The complexity of the crop insurance industry demands proactive as well as innovative solutions.

ARMtech Insurance Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sompo Holdings, Inc. and the sixth largest underwriter of U.S. federally sponsored crop insurance, blends extensive agribusiness experience with insurance expertise and high-tech software development.

Providing direct and customized agriculture insurance options to agents and their policyholders, ARMtech offers traditional Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI), Crop Hail, Livestock Risk Protection (LRP), Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) and other agriculture risk management products through its independent agency network.

The ARMtech Advantage

The crop insurance industry is ever-changing, and with the continual enhancement of ARMtech’s AgriNet™ software, ARMtech is able to respond quickly with solutions. The AgriNet™ software provides a superior method of implementing underwriter guidelines, managing policyholder information and processing claims efficiently. AgriNet™ assists agents in quoting, selling and administering crop insurance policies. All updates and the training necessary to operate the AgriNet™ software are free to ARMtech agents.

Target Clients

ARMtech, through a network of independent agents, targets all agricultural and ranching entities throughout the continental U.S. with products designed to manage risk on growing crops and/or price risk protection for their cattle or swine.

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