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Brad Gow Bylines Article in Advisen’s Front Page News: Cyber Edition

May 24, 2016

Brad Gow, Senior Vice President, Product Management Leader, Endurance Pro bylined an article published on May 23, 2016 in Advisen’s Front Page News: Cyber Edition. The article, Managing the Insider Threat – New Challenges for Today’s Organizations focuses on the rise of cybercrimes, the havoc they wreak on today’s companies, and risk management’s response to new data breach challenges.

He noted that, “Perpetrators range widely,” and said that regardless of whether the threat originates externally or from within a company’s staff, “information breaches almost always involve some failure on the part of authorized network users. Whether malicious or simply acting out of carelessness or ignorance, individuals with daily access to a company’s network are the most difficult aspect of information security for an organization to manage.”

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