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Jack Kuhn Featured on Advisen’s Front Page News Executive Spotlight

May 4, 2016

Jack Kuhn, CEO Global Insurance was featured in an Executive Profile published yesterday on Advisen’s Front Page News. Discussing an array of topics including the Montpelier integration, Endurance’s growth strategies, deployment of capital, market dynamics and opportunities, underwriting profit, and the cyber challenge, he noted the mix of organic progress and M&A driving growth at Endurance and how the company is now stronger and well positioned for the challenges of today’s market.

Commenting on the ways Endurance balances competing in the marketplace with discipline, he said, “Our focus is always on the underwriting process.” He added that, “disciplined underwriting is by far our most important objective,” and was very clear that the underwriters on staff, both the new teams that joined since 2012 and those here before that, are what gives Endurance the advantage.