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Mike McGuire Featured in Carrier Management’s CFO Series

June 7, 2016

Mike McGuire, Endurance CFO, was interviewed by Carrier Management as part of their series on CFOs about his views on changes at Endurance and in the industry in recent years. In the article, CFO McGuire: Endurance’s Ballast Amidst Change, Mr. McGuire responds to questions about his role at Endurance and the strategic development of the company, his leadership style and what he believes are the biggest challenges of 2016.

Commenting on the importance of being open and on top of change, he said, “How you deal with change, how you manage your teams and your people through substantial change is important. Our industry is moving extremely quickly, in a variety of different ways, and making sure that we can maintain financial strength and continuity while still responding to change is, I’d say, a unique skill set.” He later added, “Fortunately, as I look at our company and our leadership team today, we’re very well connected. That tone from the top and that sense of collaboration and partnership is now infused in the company, and that really matters.”

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