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Stephen Young, CEO of  Sompo International Reinsurance, Featured in The Insurance Insider

September 15, 2017

Stephen Young, CEO of Sompo International Reinsurance was featured in The Insurance Insider’s Executive Profile published at this week’s Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous de Septembre. Mr. Young discussed reinsurance buying trends, Sompo International’s growth prospects for the year ahead, and the importance of having an A+ rating.

Commenting on Sompo International’s rating increase from A to A+ following the completion of the acquisition of Endurance by Sompo Holdings Inc. last March, Mr. Young said, “The A+ rating is important – we’ve got a stronger capital base, an increased rating and the ability to service clients in the best way possible.”

Addressing growth potential for Sompo International in the year ahead, he noted that while the rate of growth may be more subdued than on the insurance side, “On the reinsurance side, top line expansion is likely to come from the specialty markets – notably areas such as mortgages, agriculture and weather.”

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