Advisen Executive Interview with Julian James: Going Above and Beyond to Communicate and Provide Strong Solutions

May 26, 2021

In a recent Executive Interview with Advisen, Sompo International’s CEO of International Insurance, Julian James, shared his perspective on how Sompo International faced pandemic-related business challenges and continued to provide for clients.


“Virtually every single client has been impacted by the pandemic, and the impact varies client-by-client,” he said. “We’ve had to think through very carefully how best to handle clients through these particular times while also recognizing that the insurance market is going through a period of change and correction in pricing in various segments.”


At the height of uncertainty during the pandemic James said the company “went above and beyond to communicate with brokers and key clients that we were open for business and ready to quote risk and take on that risk.” He noted that Sompo International was able to back up its messages and has continued to provide strong solutions, and added that he believes Sompo International’s global capabilities and financial security will become increasingly appreciated by clients and customers as the world emerges from the pandemic and reassesses risk.


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