Breaking the Mold: Sompo GRS and Its CEO

February 23, 2021

During a recent interview with Carrier Management, Michael Chang, CEO of Sompo Global Risk Solutions (GRS), addressed what’s different about his team’s integrated, industry vertical-focused model, and commented on his influence in developing a diverse group of senior leaders for the Sompo GRS team.


Mr. Chang described the success of this model as three-fold, “First, the talent—being able to bring in the right people that fit our culture, who are able to drive this integrated industry vertical model. That’s one. Secondarily, it’s about the structure—integrated, and being able to move quickly on risk and quickly to solve problems for our clients, agents and brokers, which is difficult for any of our competitors to do. The third piece is we trade by the vertical on the P&L, not by the product.”


Highlighting the important role of diversity in his approach, he added, “When I look at our clients, they’re diverse. They want to trade with people who don’t just give lip service about diversity and inclusion but who execute on it. And when you look at the operation that we’ve built, and you look at our senior leadership team within the operation, more than 50 percent of Sompo GRS’s senior leaders are women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ community.”


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