Chris Donelan Shares Perspective on Navigating Reinsurance Market Challenges in an Interview with The Insurer

September 30, 2021

In a recent video interview with The Insurer, Chris Donelan, CEO Global Reinsurance highlighted the importance of give and take between cedants and reinsurers in fostering long-term relationships, and noted that reinsurers must focus on core underwriting competencies such as pricing adequacy and limit management following another painful year of primary and secondary peril cat events and to ensure they stay ahead of liability loss-cost trends.


Late last year Sompo International rebranded with the tagline of “promise, trust, protect”, which Mr. Donelan said is at the core of what his team aims to do. “It’s our goal to establish relationships with clients – that is clients we know we can trade properly with where there’s give and take and we can have a long-term commitment of each one being able to make a proper margin,” he explained.


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