Empowered To Innovate: An Inside Look At Sompo Global Risk Solutions

May 1, 2020

By Michael Chang, CEO, Sompo Global Risk Solutions

It’s rewarding to be at the helm of Sompo Global Risk Solutions (GRS), leading a team that innovates with ease. Our business unit is unique– both within Sompo International and the market– because it trades by industry, rather than by product. From our current leadership position in the real estate and hospitality sectors to a growing top position in financial institutions, professional services, life sciences, and Asian-interest accounts, the Sompo GRS team is directly focused on building and leveraging expertise around the risks and issues inherent to select client segments and industry verticals.

Sompo GRS provides a wide range of familiar products, tailored to the unique needs of our clients’ industries, rather than generalized risk exposures. What does this approach mean for the brokers we partner with and the clients served? Simply put, it means unparalleled knowledge of each client’s industry and a holistic view of each client’s risk profile.

Here are a few of our key differentiators:

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

The Sompo GRS team has a deep understanding and specialized expertise in the risks that impact the clients and industries we serve. That knowledge enables us to build out products and services that are highly tailored to address those risks. A strong focus is placed on client experience, and on delivering comprehensive products that are crafted specifically for each account.

A Collaborative Approach

Brokers rely on Sompo GRS for our exceptional ability to fully complement the needs of their clients. The team’s expertise is a strong asset to a broker’s relationship, and there is nothing we enjoy more than partnering with a broker to meet a new client and collectively assess their risk management needs. This is where the Sompo GRS white glove service model really shines–  driving strong direct relationships with each client that reflect the unique partnership between Sompo GRS and the client’s broker.

Entrepreneurial Culture

Like other areas of Sompo International, Sompo GRS is empowered to innovate for our clients. New risk? We’ll attack it. Need an alternative risk transfer mechanism?  We’ll develop a customized insurance and risk management solution to tackle the problem.

See For Yourself

Check out Sompo GRS’s latest video (embedded below) for an inside look at what the group is all about and to hear what our clients are saying about us. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news and updates on our business and people. To learn more about the industries and client segments served and services offered, visit

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