Eric Senatore Shares his Thoughts on the Ever-Evolving D&O Insurance Market

October 8, 2021

Over the past several years, directors and officers of public, private and nonprofit companies have been confronted with an ever-changing landscape, not least the dynamic changes in 2020. With the coronavirus pandemic, economic shutdowns and trillions of dollars of stimulus funding pumped into the economy, as well as social issues, including climate change, racial equity and diversity, the challenges for the directors & officers liability insurance market continue through 2021.

“While we can’t predict what toll the current environment will have on our clients, it is important to note that the market was challenged prior to COVID-19,” says Eric Senatore, Senior Vice President, Commercial Management Liability, Sompo International. “Over the past five years, securities class action filings reached all-time highs driven by rising valuations amidst stock market volatility, mergers & acquisitions, an evolving regulatory landscape and event-driven litigation.”

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