Get to Know Cliff Easton, Sompo International’s Chief Underwriting Officer, London and Europe

July 7, 2020

Cliff Easton has been active in the London Market since 1974.  Here, he discusses starting and growing businesses that offer product innovation and client-centric solutions.

What is your back story?

I started in the London Market in 1974 at a small marine syndicate, and have worked in a variety of businesses of different sizes ever since – primarily focussing on the energy market. One overarching  theme throughout my career has been starting and growing businesses, changing the way the market operates – whether that was expanding the war market during the  1980’s Iraq war, growing Hiscox’s energy business over 15 years, joining Axis  with  just a few people in London or helping to build Sompo International’s London and Europe platforms. When I’m not in the market, I run 5kms regularly, love the ballet and seeing the world.

Tell us about your day job …

My role is providing day-to-day support across all of our London Market and Europe Insurance teams – looking at the quality of our products from the client’s perspective, ensuring those to whom we delegate authority are delivering the service we want, looking at new opportunities and ensuring we are pricing our exposures correctly. It is multi-line and multi-channel – a combination of consultancy, advice and oversight.

What’s your USP?

I think our offering is very unusual in the market today – we have tremendous scale and strength by being part of Sompo International, but we also have a culture that is driven by underwriting and can take decisions very swiftly. We have maintained our entrepreneurial focus and have a team that feels like family and, in many areas has worked together for a long time. We have a lot to offer.

Last word

The market is turning – the key is to focus on service not just price. We have to deliver on paying valid claims promptly and being there to help make our clients’ lives easier.

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