Get to Know Ian Keegan, EVP, Head of London Market Aerospace, Energy & Marine

July 20, 2020

Ian Keegan discusses his role, helping clients navigate the challenges of the post-COVID world, and Sompo International’s appetite for risk.


What’s your back story?

I’m an insurance industry veteran of 31 years, the last four at Sompo International. I didn’t actively seek out a career in insurance – my brother was a broker and an opportunity happened to come along. I had no idea at the time of the journey I was embarking on. Today my role spans three classes of business and is very interesting and varied. I love working with great people and being part of a company that is driving forward. My passion for teams extends beyond work to sports – my   spare time is spent playing and watching golf, cricket, tennis and football.

Tell us about your market sectors …

We see tremendous opportunities to help our clients navigate the challenges of the post-COVID world. For aviation, that starts with getting planes back in the sky and passengers flying again. The energy market has to contend with the oil price crash, climate change and the shift to renewables. And as rate increases in marine continue, our focus is on broadening our reach into the global market.

What’s your USP?

Our aviation team is known for its strength, knowledge and insight. Although selective in the risks it underwrites, the team gives valuable feedback on the rationale behind pricing. Energy is a growth area for us – a key market differentiator is the connectivity between our upstream and downstream offering. In marine we are seen as something of a niche player with keen ambitions to grow, the European markets are our first port of call.

Last word

We have a keen appetite to take on risk, albeit in a controlled way.

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