Get to Know Paul Ashworth, Head of London Market Marine, Sompo International

September 11, 2020

What is your back story?

I didn’t know anybody in the insurance industry when I started out, but I had worked for a broker for a week before my A-levels and really enjoyed it. I am very sociable, and it was clear that insurance could offer me the opportunity to meet a wide range of interesting people. In my first job I was the office boy and I’ve gradually worked my way up.

Tell us about your market sector….

This is a fascinating time to be in marine insurance. Although the sector hasn’t been as hard-hit by COVID-19 as other classes of business, this is still a challenging market. The biggest focus for us is how to deliver profitable growth on a sustainable basis for the long-term. We have a very experienced team with a solid reputation in the market that, combined with our balance sheet strength and risk appetite, will help deliver on our ambitions.

What’s your USP?

The Sompo International culture makes this a standout company, one that treats its people well and puts the onus on doing the right thing. That starts with having the right tone from the top ― our leaders treat everyone with decency and respect and this example cascades throughout the company and defines who we are as an organisation. In turn, this shapes how we deal with brokers and clients and colours their experience of us.

Last word

People find our approach quite refreshing: We simply let underwriters get on with underwriting.

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