Industry Experts Weigh in on Deploying Capacity for the U.S. Property Market in 2022

November 18, 2021

In a recent article published in The Insurer following Advisen’s Property Insights Conference, John Lavin and others in the  U.S. Property industry share their perspectives on the state of the U.S. Property Market in the aftermath of another heavy cat year, climate change fears and increasing reinsurance costs. According to John, rates are not the only thing that need to change in response to rising claims costs and increased reinsurance pricing. “Unfortunately, we are in the middle of that cycle right now and certainly it would be nice to get out of that,” he said. “It is not just rate that will fix that. That is a piece of it, but I think there are other things around options we can offer.”

Read the full article, US property writers will be wary of deploying capacity in 2022

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