Joe Kelly Discusses the Impacts of COVID-19 and Social Movements on the EPLI Landscape

November 12, 2020

In a recent article published in Independent Agent Magazine, Joe Kelly, SVP, Employment & ERISA Liability Practice Leader, comments on the changing Employment Practices Liability market, highlighting that as new legislation and rules protecting potential victims are introduced, the employment practices liability market is feeling the impact.


He notes that COVID-19 has changed the world as we knew it and we are witnessing the impact of a series of social movements. “They have had a huge impact on the United States and employment law in general,” he said. “Under the EPLI policy, discrimination based on race is covered, as well as sexual harassment. Additionally, pay discrimination and pay equity are both covered causes of action under the EPLI policy.”


As for the future of the market, he added, “If there’s a lot of activity in the market, a lot of carriers will look to remove coverage or they look to non-renew or make the terms and conditions really onerous. Making sure you have those discussions early will help formulate a plan for renewal.”


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