Martin Malinow Comments on Sompo Global Weather’s Expanded Offering, Growing Global Audience, and Diversification into New Sectors in a Article

March 26, 2018

On the heels of Sompo Global Weather’s third consecutive win for Top Weather Dealer and Top Weather Data and Analytics Provider in the 2018 Energy Risk Commodity Rankings, Martin Malinow, President, Sompo Global Weather, commented on his team’s strategy and approach to providing white glove service and meaningful products for their clients around the world in an article published on

“When we identify a significant weather-driven event or a change in market dynamics that creates a major weather challenge for our clients, we respond with an actionable strategy and product. We then discuss options with our clients, incorporate their feedback and present revised pricing within 24 hours,” Malinow said. “This soup-to-nuts approach enables us to deliver true win-wins by providing cutting-edge and meaningful products to our clients while creating a diversified portfolio that’s consistent with our internal risk profile.”

He added that, “If you want to have an impact, you need to show up with the right product that has the right structure – the payout, the inner workings – as well as the right pricing and meaningful size,” he adds. “You can have the best product in the world but, without enough capacity, it’s not going to help your clients.”

Mr. Malinow also commented on Sompo Global Weather’s growing geographic footprint and expanded sector coverage following the acquisition of Endurance Specialty Holdings by Sompo Holdings in March 2017.  He said, “As part of a larger insurance organization, we now have access to resources that would have been hard to build from scratch at Endurance,” and noted that operating under the auspices of a major Japanese insurer allows the business to address a gap in weather risk coverage that has existed in Asia for some time.

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