Michael Chang Discusses His Views on Mentoring, Diversity and the Changing Insurance Landscape with CLM Magazine

March 11, 2020

Michael Chang, CEO Sompo Global Risk Solutions, recently sat down with CLM Magazine to discuss his background and views on mentoring, recruiting and diversity. With a track record of building and leading strong, client focused underwriting operations, he says that eliminating silos by implementing an integrated, holistic business model, in which claims, risk control, underwriting, actuarial, operations, and product development all work together to provide superior client service, is critical in today’s changing insurance environment. “Everybody should be in the same boat rowing together,” he explained.

Michael credits the support and direction he received early on in his career as one of the foundations of his success, and notes that he believes mentoring goes beyond transferring a skillset and should also build confidence and drive personal and professional growth.

When it comes to his legacy in the business, Michael is clear: He wants to be the driving force that helps more women and people of color rise to senior leadership positions. He says that the industry has to change to be more reflective of the world in which it operates. Doing so also means having a diversity of thought, which ultimately leads to better business results.

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