Michael Chang Named Insurance Brokers Association of the State of New York’s 2021 Insurance Person of the Year

December 16, 2021

On Monday, December 13, Michael Chang, CEO of Sompo Global Risk Solutions was named Insurance Brokers’ Association of the State New York (IBANY)’s 2021 Insurance Person of the Year. During the Q&A interview with IBANY President, Renée McFadden, Michael shared his feelings about receiving the award, offered advice to those new to our industry, and made recommendations for ways to find not just diverse talent, but the new skillsets needed to continue helping the insurance industry flourish. According to Michael, one piece of advice he gives everyone is to, “bring your ‘A’ game into every interaction because you never know who is sizing you up or looking at what you are doing. And when you do that people will take notice.”


Michael noted that he feels blessed and honored to receive the prestigious honor, but added that it is really the people that he works with day in and day out around the world that have executed– and while he leads and directs the ship, it is these people that get it done. “There would be no award for Michael Chang if it wasn’t for all of these talented people.”


Watch the IBANY Q&A with Michael

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