Reduced Pilot Hours Are Dangerous. Some Risk Management Imperatives to Consider

May 14, 2021


COVID-19 has presented extraordinary challenges for the aviation industry and the world in general. In a recent article published in Risk & Insurance, Jeff Higel, Sompo International Insurance Claims Counsel, shared his views on the reasons general aviation owners and operators face potentially more pronounced issues than the commercial airline industry.


“Airline pilots facing furloughs will have access to sophisticated company simulators to hone their skills before returning to the skies and airlines have dedicated maintenance teams; general aviation pilots don’t have the same luxuries,” he said. “Data isn’t out on general aviation flight hours for 2020, but there’s no shortage of anecdotal evidence to show that the numbers will be down. With airplanes sitting on the ground, there are two forms of rust that pose significant risks as pilots prepare to take to the skies — pilot recency and equipment corrosion.”


He encourages general aviation owners and operators to consult with their insurance brokers to make sure their coverage is up-to-date, once pilot and aircraft proficiency is assured to help mitigate risks before heading back into the skies. “As tempting as it is to rush to return to the skies, we must, as we always do, proceed with the healthy respect and caution that drives the constant safety diligence.”


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