Reimagining EPL Risk – Two-Part Podcast with Joe Kelly

January 6, 2021

In part 1 of this 2-part podcast series, Sompo International’s Joe Kelly, SVP, Commercial Management Liability, takes a look at issues facing employers with regard to their employment and risk liability, and discusses why companies should consider a compensation audit with Charles River Associates’ VP, Labor & Employment Practice leader, Matthew Thompson. Mr. Thompson says, “I think companies in general want to do the right thing. That’s been my experience, that’s why they’ve taken on some of these things proactively. Doing the right thing—and doing it the right way is so important.”


In part 2 of the series, Joe Kelly and Matthew Thompson take a deeper dive with into the ways to use compensation audit results. They note that if companies are very committed to pay equity, they need to begin understanding the trigger points that are causing these potential disparities so they can be addressed in addition to current needs. “This is one great way to help companies walk the walk and hold themselves accountable,” Mr. Kelly said.


View Part 1: Employment Practiced Liability Risk: Why your organization should consider a compensation audit


View Part 2: Employment Practices Liability Risk: How to use your compensation audit results


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