Satyan Sawhney Comments on the Importance of Internal Collaboration and the Critical Role of the CRO During the Pandemic

November 9, 2020

As the global pandemic continues, CROs have assumed a leading role in making sense of the uncertain situation, plotting a path forward across constantly shifting terrain, and reporting these experiences directly to the CEO and the board. In recent article published in Carrier Management online, Satyan Sawhney, Group CRO at Sompo International, highlights the importance of working collaboratively with internal claims, underwriting and investments teams to better understand which products were potentially at risk and how best to respond to these issues on a coordinated basis.


Commenting on the company’s strategy for assuming risks during this unprecedented time, he said, “This is not about taking foolish risks; it’s about situational awareness—exercising curiosity to understand what is really going on; reaching out to others inside the organization in claims, underwriting and investments to leverage their collective knowledge and experience; and then building a framework to collaborate with them in modeling the impact.”


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