Sompo International Spotlight Series: Meet Kate Sutcliffe, VP Underwriter UK & International Retail Property

December 9, 2021

Meet Kate Sutcliffe, VP Underwriter UK & International Retail Property


What’s your back story?

After leaving school, I was looking for a job in the City and found a role in marine insurance at a specialist firm providing yacht cover. After four years there, I moved into property underwriting and, over the last 20 years, have held a number of roles at some of the world’s biggest insurance carriers. When I’m not working, I have an active family life as I have two small children who keep me on my toes. I’m also a keen runner and make an effort to find time to fit that in.


Tell us about your market sector …

We’re still experiencing a hard market with lots of insurers remediating their books and withdrawing capacity. At Sompo International we are in the opposite position – the retail property team is set for growth. Today we write meaningful follow lines for large clients and plan to have lead capability towards the end of 2022.

The market in general has seen significant change in the last couple of years. Issues around COVID-19 and cyber have prompted the introduction of affirmative clauses, which provide greater clarity, transparency and certainty for buyers.  With climate change driving ever more severe extreme weather events, clients need the support and partnership of their insurer now more than ever.


What’s your USP?

The difference at Sompo International is the enthusiasm and eagerness to engage with risk managers and brokers to deliver the right solution as swiftly as possible. This is helped by the fact that our underwriters are empowered to make decisions. This means we offer a unique mix of agility and efficiency supported by excellent financial strength.


Last word

We are an experienced team with a strong reputation and track record – people trust that we will deliver on our promises.

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