Sompo International Spotlight Series: Meet Lynne Moyer, Senior Vice President, Product Development

March 16, 2021

Meet Lynne Moyer, Senior Vice President, Product Development


What is your backstory? Tell us about your path to Sompo International.

Like many in the industry, my path to insurance was not planned. I entered the insurance industry right after graduating from University of California at Davis. Finance jobs were scarce, and I ended up accepting a job in an underwriting training program at the Hartford Insurance Group. I had no idea what an underwriter was at the time. But once I started to learn about the industry and underwriting, I was hooked and never looked back.

Over the years, I have experienced underwriting on both the insurance and the treaty reinsurance side and  had exposure to almost every line of business in the commercial property and casualty industry. I originally started at Endurance in 2003 as a Casualty Treaty Underwriter. I feel very fortunate to have been part of the transformation of the company over the years from a Bermuda start up to the global player that we are today as Sompo International. It has been exciting to play a role as we continue to grow as an organization and profitably expand our footprint.


What is something about your role / BU that people may not know?

 Since our team has a global reach across Sompo International, I get the opportunity to meet and connect with underwriters in many offices across the globe. This gives me a good chance to learn about different segments, lines of business, and geographies as well as gain an appreciation for the depth of our organization.


What do you think makes Sompo International unique?

 We are a global company with a solid infrastructure, but what I believe makes our company unique is that in many ways, we have the heart of a start-up. We have a solid framework, great people, strong respect for each other and we work together and try to be nimble and responsive.


What is a trend you feel is impacting the industry at the moment?

 Since we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges to face our economy, our clients and our industry. Once we get through this challenge, there will be trends associated with a transitioning workforce and how we move forward post-pandemic. Our industry essentially pivoted from being predominately office-based to effectively working on a remote basis in a matter of weeks and only time will tell as to what the long-term impacts will be, but technology and communication will play a big role.


Any advice to your younger self?

Take the time to cultivate and maintain the relationships that you develop throughout your career.  Time goes by quickly and you will be amazed how small this industry actually is. I continue to be surprised when I run into someone that I worked with decades ago in completely random locations such as on the streets of London, in an elevator of a Zurich hotel, at the airport in Los Angeles or even an NYC Subway car.  This has given me another chance to reconnect and we often wonder why it took so long to catch up with each other.


What do you do when you’re not working?

I love being outdoors as I find that fresh air clears my mind and refreshes my spirit.   One of my favorite things is to walk my dog in Central Park. Although it is a quick walk from my NYC apartment, it is a true escape into nature. Also, being a native of Southern California, I enjoy the beach, kayaking, swimming and just about anything on or in the water!


Last words – anything else you’d like us to know?

Never be reluctant to step up to a challenge. If it doesn’t come to you, look for one, and ask for the opportunity. Sometimes we are lucky and the challenges and growth opportunities come to us. Other times, we need to look for ways to broaden our reach and perspective. Stay curious and engaged as our industry is dynamic and it’s fun and rewarding to be a part of it.

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