Sompo International Spotlight Series: Meet Miguel Macias, Sub Director Vertical Industry VP, Global Risk Solutions

April 21, 2021

What is your backstory? Tell us about your path to Sompo International.

I started my career in insurance working for the one of the most well-known brokers in Mexico and then later with Gras Savoye Lyon in France. Upon returning to Mexico, I spent nearly 20 years at Chubb where I took on various roles in Marketing and across Property, Aviation and Entertainment underwriting. Then, I had the opportunity to open Berkley’s Property & Marine operation in Mexico. All of this ultimately led me here to Sompo International where I am leading the launch of the Sompo Global Risk Solutions industry verticals in Mexico, which is our new strategy for ensuring we are servicing the Mexican market at our highest potential and tailoring our solutions to our brokers specifically.


What do you think makes Sompo International unique?

My career has taken me to France as well as various multinational companies in Mexico. Sompo International’s Global Risk Solutions is really special in terms of the emphasis placed on the quality of customer care and service. It is also an organization consistent with its commitment to diversity.


Can you shed light on a current project / initiative you / your BU is working on?

The entire Sompo Mexico team is working on a new initiative to assess large risks with catastrophic exposures. It’s a new endeavor for the team as a whole and a first for me as well.


What is a trend you feel is impacting the industry at the moment?

Sophisticated technology, including robotization, is increasingly present in our policyholders’ operations. It is a revolution that is advancing at an exponential speed. Obviously, the insurance industry has to anticipate changes and transform itself at the same speed, which is the great challenge.


Another no less important challenge facing our industry is climate change, which is also advancing rapidly.


Any advice to your younger self?

I think I would advise my younger self to never stop laughing.


What do you do when you’re not working?

I would have liked to be a pianist. I played the piano – very badly – but it was wonderful therapy. Although I stopped playing four years ago, I now support my daughter, who is in her last year as a concert piano player, in my “free time”. I’m not afraid to admit that my daughter does what her father couldn’t do! I also love to take care of my two beautiful dogs, a Belgian Tervueren Shepherd named Talos and a Groenendael named Uma.


Last words – anything else you’d like us to know?

I believe in the power of energies. I am convinced that offering a smile will always return something good.


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