Sompo International Spotlight Series: Meet Renaldo Jenkins, Senior Vice President, E&S Property

June 24, 2021


Meet Renaldo Jenkins, Senior Vice President, E&S Property


What is your backstory? Tell us about your path to Sompo International.

Like so many others I fell into this industry by chance. While working at a chemical company in the accounting department, I was asked to explore a similar position with an insurance company. After a few months, I realized that a career in Excess & Surplus lines (E&S) Property could be very rewarding. After spending 5 years with General Star and 15 years with Axis, I received an opportunity to move over to Sompo International where I have been for the last three years.


What is something about your role / BU that people may not know?

In addition to my daily underwriting work, I am tasked with training and mentoring some of the younger employees within the company. I enjoy being able to help some of the underwriters and trainees navigate in an ever-changing market that encompasses the E&S Property world. From understanding complex deals to negotiating various subjects, my goal is to help our younger people foster strategic partnerships in their own unique way.


What do you think makes Sompo International unique?

The people, for sure. Even with tremendous growth in the number of employees, the company still has a small family feel. The amount of talent I am surrounded by daily is very encouraging in my own development. Employees across various departments are willing to help one another. Sompo fosters collaboration and challenges you to think towards the future.


Can you shed light on a current project / initiative you / your BU is working on?

Currently, the E&S department is developing an A.I./Smart Tool for clearing and rating submissions. We are also developing a small business portal and creating a Developmental Broker Engagement Team. This team is designed to explore better, potential business from various brokers using a more structure approach.


What is a trend you feel is impacting the industry at the moment?

I think the global pandemic will continue to impact how we market to the industry. In the past, being able to market face to face has had a tremendous positive impact on our business. We were able to adapt to more virtual marketing tactics which has allowed us to continue writing meaningful business. Furthermore, I think technology will continue to impact the way we do things. As technology advances, we are provided more accurate data and analytics to improve our decision-making and risk taking.


Any advice to your younger self?

Find a mentor or an industry coach and soak up as much of their knowledge as you can. Do not underestimate the power of networking. Be bold, courageous, and confident in all that you do. Instead of waiting on things to happen, just make things happen.


What do you do when you’re not working?

I like to spend time traveling with my family. On Sundays during football season, I enjoy tailgating and rooting for the Atlanta Falcons. I also like to go on Jeep trails with my daughter.



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