Sompo International Spotlight Series: Meet Shevalene Williams, Senior Treasury Manager

July 7, 2021

Meet Shevalene Williams, Senior Treasury Manager


What is your backstory? Tell us about your path to Sompo International.

I spent the early years of my career in the banking industry. I started at Citigroup as a credit risk analyst, and then joined JPMorgan, where I worked in the Credit Portfolio and Energy Trading Divisions. After completing my MS in Finance, I joined Hess Corporation as a Senior Treasury Analyst, where I was able to leverag my energy industry experiences. After 5 years in Hess Treasury, I joined Sompo International in late 2016 as Assistant Treasury Manager.


Give us three words to describe Sompo International.

Exciting, Rewarding, Growing.


What is a trend you feel is impacting the industry and more specifically, your role at the moment?

Automation and enterprise-wide platforms are two trends impacting the industry and the role of Treasury, in managing a company’s cash flow and working capital.

The global pandemic has brought a new and much deserved focus on Treasury. As the world and our company was challenged by global financial uncertainty and other disruptions brought on by the pandemic, our team was tasked with guaranteeing adequate liquidity to meet operating requirements, safeguarding cash and short-term investments and ensuring that senior Finance Leadership were receiving important information regarding our liquidity position.

The Sompo Treasury team in 2021 is focusing on automating processes to drive operating efficiency and provide better information to the Finance organization. Process automation puts the Treasury team in a better position to scale with the growth of the business.


What advice do you have for prospective Sompo International candidates?

Sompo International is a growing organization, with great opportunities and where diverse contributions are recognized and appreciated. New hires should leverage the many development opportunities, including mentoring as they build a successful career.

I would also advise new employees to stay away from the pantries.


Think back to your college graduation day. What is one thing you would tell yourself then?

Don’t be your strongest critic. Sometimes what didn’t work out for you, did work out, just not as you imagined it would.


What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?

Advocating for increased visibility and opportunities for women of color in corporate America.


Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

I began my career with Sompo as an employee of Endurance. A week after accepting the offer to join Endurance, HR told me the company had been acquired. I thought to myself, “what did I get myself into?”  I worried about what the acquisition would mean for my future.

After a few short weeks and having more insight into the organization, I was relieved to learn that the acquisition was not anything to be fearful about, as Sompo was focused on expanding into the U.S.

Throughout my Sompo career I’ve learned that change may not give you a “warm and fuzzy” feeling but embracing it will allow you to adjust for opportunities.


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