Sompo Spotlight Series: Meet Yohei Namiki, SVP, Office of the Chairman and CEO

July 20, 2022

Meet Yohei Namiki, SVP, Office of the Chairman and CEO


Please tell us about your career journey and your path to Sompo.

I started my career in 1999 and was in charge of new business development in the digital area at a Japanese General Trading Company. I spent two years there, before I was sent to the Hong Kong branch to develop new business in China. In 2003, as an intrapreneur, I established a music content distribution company in China which I ran for three years. In 2006, I sold that business and relocated to Tokyo. In addition, I have led investment in startups, M&A, and corporate planning for several years. I was also enrolled in business school in Barcelona. After graduating, I joined a strategic consulting firm and moved to Sompo in 2015. I spent three years at Sompo Care, which operates in the nursing care business, and a year at Sompo Holdings. I joined Sompo in 2020.


What advice do you have for prospective Sompo candidates?

Be a part of this truly global company. There is a huge opportunity to find an overseas assignment and to be a leader with a global view.


Tell us about an initiative at Sompo that you are most excited for in 2022.

All initiatives underway this year are very exciting – it’s important to carry out all the initiatives I’m involved in so we can change and evolve.


What is your idea of a perfect day outside of the office?

Chasing a golf ball with my wife, two kids, and hopefully my father.

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