Vic Sordillo Featured in Archipelago’s 12 Questions Interview Series

May 20, 2021


In a recent interview with Archipelago, Vic Sordillo, EVP, Global Director of Risk Control Services, Sompo Global Risk Solutions, shared his thoughts on the current and future state of the insurance industry, what he finds most rewarding about his job and how he stays motivated.


He commented that he wished he could change the negative perception of the [Insurance] industry, and added that he believes his team’s role extends beyond that of just risk management. “We are risk control specialists and our job is to analyze risk.”


He also highlighted his interest in the innovative nature of parametric insurance and stressed that Sompo International looks beyond existing hazards to emergent perils to better prepare its clients for tomorrow’s risks, and said, “We’re not examining asbestos; we’re predicting the next asbestos.”


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