Sompo International Invited to Join an Exclusive Group of Insurers Included in Marsh’s ‘Cyber Catalyst’ Program

March 28, 2019

Sompo International will join the inaugural group of leading cyber insurers included in Marsh’s Cyber CatalystSM program, announced earlier this week. This program convenes a select group of highly experienced cyber insurers to identify and evaluate cybersecurity offerings to effectively reduce cyber risk, and help organizations make more informed choices about cybersecurity products and services to manage their cyber risk. Having responded to the most catastrophic and costly cyber events of the past decade, the exclusive group of participating insurers are uniquely qualified to assess available cybersecurity offerings that address major cyber risks, such as data breach, business interruption, data theft or corruption, and cyber extortion, with the goal of better equipping organizations to select cybersecurity solutions that can have a meaningful impact on cyber risk. Products and services considered by the group to be effective in reducing cyber risk will be given the designation of “Cyber Catalyst”, and organizations that adopt Cyber Catalyst-designated solutions may qualify for enhanced terms and conditions on individually negotiated cyber insurance policies with participating insurers.


Read the Marsh Press Release – Marsh Launches ‘Cyber Catalyst’ to Help Organizations Make More Informed Cybersecurity Decisions

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