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Parametric Crop Insurance

We offer structured weather risk management solutions for the agricultural industry through our WeatherLock® suite of products leveraging the specialty expertise of AgriSompo, Sompo’s integrated global platform serving the needs of agribusinesses in key markets around the world.
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Our team works closely with a variety of clients – from farmers to input sellers to local insurers – to develop innovative and flexible weather protection products that vary in duration to match key growing and harvest periods. Our ability to execute within a short timeframe enables our clients to move quickly on opportunities that require speed and precision in a dynamic marketplace. Products can range from very simple to highly customized structures depending on client’s specific requirements. We also provide key analysis and transaction structuring services. 

Our parametric insurance products rely on local data and information that is familiar to the farmer. Coverage can be structured on a stand-alone basis or to supplement existing government-sponsored crop insurance programs.

WeatherLock® Products

Sompo’s WeatherLock® suite of products includes RainLock® and TempLock® products, single weather trigger protection with a fixed payout per weather unit (e.g., inch of rain or degree of temperature) which cover a range of adverse weather conditions from critical events such as freeze to seasonal variations like cumulative rainfall. In addition, we offer YieldLock®, which is indexed to crop yield, and can also offer hybrid products with separate weather and commodity price triggers. All products can be indexed to a wide variety of both ground stations and gridded data.

Target Clients

  • Farmers 
  • Local insurers 
  • Input sellers 
  • Agricultural lenders 


  • Significant transactional capacity 
  • Products can be delivered on a global basis as either derivatives, insurance or (re)insurance 
  • Contracts can range in duration up to several years and be written in a variety of world currencies
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