Hospitality Risk Management- A Return to Normal-ish Operations

January 6, 2022

As consumer confidence rises faster than many within the Hospitality industry can hire, properties can expect to be short-staffed and overwhelmingly crowded. So how can hotel management maintain a safety culture, mitigate loss exposures and reduce risk during such a hectic time?


The consensus is that as much as things are improving, staffing issues are more concerning than ever. According to Glen O’Connor, SVP, Risk Control Technical Director, Sompo Global Risk Solutions, with safety a key priority, yet time at a premium, there are three top risk-management areas that hospitality operators should focused on right now. 1. Prioritize training for existing and new staff to help reduce work-related accidents. 2. Focus on employee retention programs, including flexible schedules, appropriate pay increases and safety incentive programs. 3. Implement de-escalation training so that staff can address unexpected circumstances with grace and professionalism.


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