• The Value Of M&A Insurance

    AIRMIC 2020

    Thomas Mannsdorfer, EVP, Head of European Specialty Insurance Underwriting, shares his perspective on the current state of the M&A market and as transactions pick up again, so too will demand for M&A insurance.

  • Supporting UK Multinationals’ Staff In Developing Markets

    AIRMIC 2020

    Dale Willetts, EVP, Head of Specialty Lines, London Market & Europe Insurance, discusses risks associated with infrastructure investments in emerging countries and how the Insurance industry is well placed to provide the protection that companies will need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their workers.

  • Recognising The Risks Of Renewables

    AIRMIC 2020

    Warren Diogo, Head of London Market Renewable Energy discusses why the renewable energy market is at an inflection point and the range of risks that come with it.

  • Property – The Perfect Storm?

    AIRMIC 2020

    Edouard Martin-Prud’homme, SVP, Deputy Head of London Market Property Insurance, discusses how the property market is at a tipping point and how a combination of dramatically changing risk profiles and contracting underwriting capacity means that risk managers will be working in a new world order.

  • Professionals Face Challenging Times

    AIRMIC 2020

    Ian Bowler, SVP, Head of Professional Indemnity, London Market Insurance, discusses the challenging times ahead for the Professional Indemnity market as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and what the future holds.

  • Navigating An Uncharted Aviation Market

    AIRMIC 2020

    Andrew Metcalfe, SVP, London Market Aerospace, discusses the range of risks the aviation industry faces as it looks to get back towards something resembling business as usual.

  • Keeping Up With Developments In Marine Insurance

    AIRMIC 2020

    Paul Ashworth, Head of London Market Marine Insurance, discusses where marine insurance is on its modernisation journey.

  • Financial Institutions Market Set To Change

    AIRMIC 2020

    John Richards, SVP, Head of London Market Financial Institutions, discusses the current challenges and hardening conditions of the FI D&O market and how the economic stress created by COVID-19 will lead to a clear separation between those who have the appetite, capacity and flexibility to lead in this class and those who don’t.

  • A View From The Top

    AIRMIC 2020

    Julian James, CEO, International Insurance, discusses today’s market environment, returning to a “new normal”, and how Sompo International can assist our clients in successfully addressing this issues.

  • Securing Assets in a Dangerous Time


    Mark Silverstein, Chief Investment Officer for Sompo International, comments on the impact the pandemic has had on financial markets, highlighting both the challenges and potential opportunities presented as companies continue to chart this course through unchartered waters.

  • Change in motion: The three components to inclusive diversity


    Harriet Harty, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, discussed the three main components of inclusive diversity: alignment/ownership, focus and measurement.

  • Digital Asset Regulation Poses Challenges For Insurers


    Jennifer Odrobina, VP, Technical Insurance Claims Specialist, and David J. Buishas of BatesCarey LLP., discuss bitcoin, the digital asset revolution, regulatory confusion and insurance market implications.

  • The three things that need to happen for sustainable reinsurance placements at Jan. 1


    Steve Hanke, President of North America Reinsurance, discusses the current state of the Reinsurance market in the U.S. and how rates will play out at renewals.

  • No Choice of Law in Delaware Coverage Disputes?

    The D&O Diary

    Jeremy Salzman and Kylie Tomas co-authored an article published in The D&O Diary about the impacts of the Delaware courts expanding their influence into the area of insurance law in light of the recent wave of decisions in which Delaware courts have applied Delaware law to insurance coverage disputes.

  • Insuring Legionella Risks

    Risk Management Magazine

    Jeannette David, AVP, Sompo GRS Claims Counsel co-authored an article in Risk Management Magazine with Thomas P. Bernie, Partner in Goldberg Segallar about increasing risks associated with the amplification of legionella bacteria in hotels, condominiums, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, senior living facilities, health spas, fitness centers and any large building with a centralized potable water system.

  • Combatting Transgender Discrimination in the Workforce


    Joseph Kelly, VP of Commercial Management Liability Insurance, bylined an article featured in Advisen Front page news about combatting transgender discrimination in the workforce.

  • Recent wave of securities class actions poses challenges for D&O insurers


    Michael Rappaport, VP, Head of Commercial Management Liability Claims and Carla Caliendo, AVP, Claims Counsel co-authored an article in PropertyCasualty360 with Ivan J. Dolowich, co-managing partner at Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck LLP about the factors contributing to the recent rise in Securities class action (SCA) lawsuits and the implications for D&O insurers who find themselves increasingly exposed to D&O claims involving SCA lawsuits.