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Cyber & Network Risk

In today’s fast changing business environment, every organization must be prepared for the possibility of a network security event. Sompo offers our insureds comprehensive first and third party liability coverage that is highly coordinated with risk mitigation and breach response services.

We partner with our clients throughout the account lifecycle to Mitigate, Protect and Respond — from pre-underwriting assessment tools through coordinated response and claims services.

With hubs in the US, Europe, UK, Mexico, Singapore and Japan, our integrated global Multinational platform makes it easier for clients with global operations to access the commercial property and casualty coverage they need through a single point of contact. We leverage licensing capabilities from Sompo companies around the world and a growing network of third-party partners to offer a convenient, consistent approach to accessing global coverage that is compliant with local regulations in 150 countries.

Available Coverages

Offered on a standalone basis or in conjunction with professional liability coverage, we offer first and third party cyber liability coverage for organizations of all sizes and industries through our single flexible policy form, Sompo Premier Professional.

  • Network Security, Privacy and Media Liability 
  • Regulatory Proceedings (Fines & Penalties) 
  • Privacy Breach Costs 
  • Business Income Loss 
  • Contingent Business Income Loss 
  • Digital Asset Loss 
  • Cyber Extortion Threat and Reward Payments 

Available by Endorsement

  • Breach Assist (Dollar Denominated) 
  • Breach Assist (Per Person) 
  • Cyber Side A 
  • Social Engineering and Fraudulent Instructions 
  • Computer System Property Damage 
  • PCI Fines & Penalties 

Sompo Premier Professional Coverage Benefits

  • Covers state and federal regulatory actions related to the management and handling of protected personal, health and corporate information, including court mandated consumer redress funds 
  • Pays privacy breach costs upfront on behalf of the insured 
  • Broad coverage available for PCI fines and penalties, including PCI assessments 
  • Broad definition of Personal Information 
  • Optional Breach Assist endorsement covers privacy breach costs on a dollar denominated or per-person basis, outside of the policy’s aggregate limit of liability (not available to all applicants) 
  • Cyber Side A extends policy coverage to include non-indemnifiable network security and privacy-related lawsuits filed directly against corporate directors and officers 
  • Covers both mandated and voluntary notification to customers 
  • Includes affirmative coverage for cyber terrorism  
  • Provides worldwide coverage, where permissible by law 
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