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Environmental Social Governance

At Sompo we appreciate that ESG issues need to be taken seriously. We’re working to improve our efforts in these areas and aim to create a consciously profitable organization for the benefit of all stakeholders — and in turn, help to build a sustainable future for our company and the world.

We are a company that promotes and values Economic Growth, Community Engagement, Social Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion in all that we do while being responsible and transparent in our business decisions.

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A message from Jim Shea

Chief Executive Officer, Sompo

James Shea


“In order for our organization to achieve profitable results while we grow and expand, it is in our best interest to contribute to economic, environmental and social sustainability around the world. As always, we will lead with our core values, providing excellent customer service, while we work on our contributions towards the greater good of society.”

We believe :
  • in maintaining a strong ESG reputation helps to attract and retain top talent which leads to improved employee morale and productivity.
  • the incorporation of ESG factors will lead to better operational and business engagement.
  • the inclusion of ESG principals improves risk mitigation for our organization and our customers.
  • in supporting strong corporate governance to improve stewardship of these values and execution of business strategies.
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ESG Illustration
Energy efficient offices

More than 430,000 sq. ft. of LEED certified office space

Committed to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Volunteered and Contributed to

Over 200 Charitable Organizations

Zero tolerance for injustice, racism and bigotry

Investing in building out an inclusive and diverse work environment

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