Sompo Spotlight Series: Meet Patti Darwin, Vice President, Event Management

March 28, 2023

Meet Patti Darwin, Vice President, Event Management


Please tell us about your career journey and your path to Sompo.

I have been an event planner for almost 20 years. I’ve worked at AIG, Morgan Stanley and First Event Agency. I love events and the corporate side has been an amazing fit for me. One of the previous CEO’s that I worked for at AIG brought me into Sompo. The funny thing is that when he left and Chris Sparro joined, Chris was actually the person who hired me at AIG, so we were reunited. I absolutely love working with this team and have found that working in a medium sized company is perfect for me! I have been here for just over 7 years.


What advice do you have for prospective Sompo candidates?

If you want to work with great people who are smart, curious, and very levelheaded, this is the place for you. I love that everyone, no matter what their level is, is approachable and always willing to listen to ideas.


Tell us about an initiative at SI that you are most excited for in 2023.

I am really excited to continue helping to grow the One Sompo Initiative and plan events that support growth and collaboration.


What is your idea of a perfect day outside of the office?

My absolute perfect day would be skiing all day with my fiancé and stepsons, then seeing a rock show at night with some great food in between. Skiing and live music feed my soul.

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